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Turning Inward

Lauren Aiello

Fall in Napa Valley

Fall in Napa Valley


The autumn equinox has come and gone, and fall is officially in the air.


I have been thinking about what the fall season means to me. I have never liked saying goodbye to summer. Really, summer is my identity. It is the free spirit that I am. It is the smell of the ocean breeze when you roll your windows down as you are finding a perfect parking spot at a crowded beach. It is the smell of a BBQ, or sound of a pool party. It is the time of year when it is socially acceptable to wear a bathing suit as a substitute for undergarments. It is the time of year where I can get away with beach hair and no makeup because my tan looks that good. It is when I can listen to reggae and feel at home… I could keep going… Admittedly so, I don’t particularly like that I am uneager to welcome in the fall season. Truth is, I’m not very good at letting go.


Maybe it’s because when you take away all of the stimulating buzz of summer, what are you left with?


Turning inward.


It is a simple math equation. But wait – turning inward means getting real. Turning inward means vulnerability. Turning inward means… I don’t want to turn inward. It is so much easier to stay complacent. To stay in my comfort zone. There is no risk of failure. Or hurt or unease. Can’t we always live life in the summer time? I know deep down that would get us nowhere as a human race. Nor is it possible to avoid change. Time passes, and seasons will always change. So here we are at the turning point of autumn. We can’t stop it; all we can do is ride the wave. Go with the flow and embrace.


I would like to use this time as a time to shed. Shed my leaves of what no longer serves me. Make room for what does. I would like to offer gratitude for the great abundance in my life, for the people I meet, the relationships I have, the opportunities I receive, and the love all around me, always. I would like to shed old habits of self-doubt, critical thinking, relationships that no longer serve me, and beliefs that no longer serve me.


Sometimes I expect life to be a steady ride. To always be summer time. I forget we are one with nature. We are always one with nature. The more we can tap into the cycle of our seasons as human beings – the highs, the lows, the celebrations, the losses, times of creativity, times of stagnation... the more we can honor the flow of life and understand ourselves. Turning inward is where all the work happens. And turning inward is something I am choosing to embrace this fall season.  I hope to encourage you to do the same.

Go with the flow.


Lauren Aiello

Founder of Women, Wine & Yoga


Some inspiring affirmations I have gathered over the years that help me:

Feel free to try some of these on and see how they fit :)


  • All is well
  • I call to me my clarity
  • I call to me my prosperity
  • I call to me my abundance
  • I call to me my peace. I call to me my power. Right now
  • Miracles find me
  • I am open to receiving
  • I am love. I love.