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The Importance of Sisterhood

Lauren Aiello

Image by: Chelsea VonChaz

Image by: Chelsea VonChaz



Truth. Community. Self-love. Belonging. What do these words mean to you?


I have had days that sometimes turn into months, in which I feel like I am riding through life utterly alone. I have experienced the kind of solitude that has made me feel like the world is slipping away, and there is nothing to grasp. It’s like I spent my whole life looking for my tribe, looking for company in which I could better find myself. I am a yogi. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am a survivor. I am divine. I am love. Sometimes I talk too much. Sometimes I can’t stop crying. Sometimes I choose comfort over courage. I have moments in which I love my body, and moments in which I wish I was not me. Sometimes my mind is a sanctuary of Truth and liberation, other times it is a seemingly endless loop of self-doubt and anxiety.  Do you know that all too real feeling that no one will ever understand your Truth or see your soul?  These are the private lives we all live, that no one sees, and they are so damn beautiful: the girl who sings too loudly in the car, the girl who still makes it to yoga class on days when it’s the hardest, the girl who still continues to love despite her wounds..., she is the giving sister, the dedicated daughter, the woman who looks in the mirror naked and sees lines in her skin as beautiful and telling as rings in a tree.  There are infinite possibilities of who I am and have the potential to be in any given moment. Those feelings of being silenced, different, and alone are valid and powerful, but they do not have to rule my consciousness. They do not have to rules yours either. Things can be different.


It is because we, too, at Women, Wine & Yoga, know these dark corners, that we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a sacred, loving, sisterhood -- a non-nuclear, non-traditional, non-judgemental family. Here, we come together to honor our shadow sides. We also give ourselves and each other the freedom to accept the intensity of our brightness. We invite you to join us, sit around our table, give a stranger a hug.


It is our mission to provide a safe space for you to be YOU. To practice your yoga, live your truth, and discover your community in which you feel free to walk amongst others as if you are safe at home. No judgement. No comparison. No silencing. Free to be all the parts of yourself at once - or something entirely different. We have experienced a deep lack of safe spaces in our lives and it is our honor and privilege to attempt to build this sacred platform for us all.

Dana Falsetti aka @nolatrees, yoga teacher, writer and vocal advocate for higher consciousness, has always been an advocate for sharing vulnerability and reality. And in light of her current fight against the corporate yoga industry, we are more inspired than ever to make change.  We want Women, Wine & Yoga to be a place of security, inspiration, exploration and support for you. That being said, in the spirit of @nolatrees, Women, Wine & Yoga has decided to make a conscious effort to represent the real you, our family, in all of your diversity.

As a young company, we need to recognize that our voice has power.  From now on, more so than ever before, we are choosing to be conscious of what images we are promoting. We are real women, who want to acknowledge the beauty, intelligence, resilience, body types, skin color, ages and voices of other real women in this community. It is so important that when we scroll through Instagram we do not see the same bodies every day, wearing the same clothes as a full representation of what yoga in the western world is. This is a call to you, our dearest friends and deepest inspirations, send us images of you practicing with the hashtag #realwomanyoga and #womenwineandyoga.  We want to feature you, we want to represent your bodies, minds and souls, we want to share your stories so that all of us have equal representation in this global community. Please, speak up... we will listen.