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I am love. We are love.

Lauren Aiello


Guest post by yoga instructor, Beth Belkin

"...Beth has been practicing yoga since 2004 and wholeheartedly believes in finding balance in all aspects of life....She has spent the last two years traveling and living abroad, optimizing her own personal health, teaching and studying yoga...." Read more about Beth.


A note on partner yoga:

As we approach Valentine’s day and our urban day-retreat, I am called to reflect upon the many ways I open my heart through yoga. While yoga is an individual experience that takes place on our own mats, I find that one of the most meaningful aspects of coming to a yoga class is the connection made with the other people practicing around us. I find practicing partner yoga to be one of the most intimate ways we are able to connect with other people. It could be as subtle as looking into the eyes of another person as you practice, or as direct as actually leaning on the back of another in an assisted backbend or partner tree pose - when we are trusting another person to literally have our back is truly where the magic happens. It also happens to be a blast!

Although at the root of partner yoga, is vulnerability. And as life has it, trust can be a scary thing at times. It takes courage and a little leap of faith, but each time we open ourselves to this exchange we simultaneously open ourselves to the possibility of new friendship, more honest communication, and a deeper connection that we are able to honor. By practicing partner yoga, we get to experience all the wonders of the yoga posture just with the help and support of another person, which often helps us get into the posture even more. Most of all, we get to walk away feeling something more than a good stretch.

I am so thrilled to teach the upcoming Women, Wine & Yoga Valentine's event because what a great excuse to come together and practice a little partner yoga in light of celebrating connection and community! You're invited to bring a partner, a friend or come solo - the sequence we will be practicing will have a postures for us to experience what it feels like to be vulnerable in a safe environment by relying on the help of one another. This type of practice will leave you feeling more open and mindful of the connections we make with others and how such a partner practice can impact our life off the mat.

This Valentine’s Day, I invite you to be open. To be open to connection and vulnerability. To stepping outside of our comfort zones and trying something new whether it be your first yoga class, trying your first few partner poses, or inviting someone special to experience this practice with you.  It is a wonderful opportunity to observe how placing trust in another person can create a greater sense of self love, which ultimately makes anything possible. 

I am love. We are love.


Hope to see you on your mat! 


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